Want to make the world a better place ? Start by recycling … ways in doing this are : get plastic bottles or cans and put them separate from all of your other trash . You can also start by not getting plastic bags when you go to the store this kills are animals , you can take your own one that you can reuse it every time you go out to the store . Help me out, help the animals , your environment, help our world ! Don’t you think ?

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Our Animals

This are some images of  some dead animals .They are dead and this is because of us ; humans all around the world  people are killing animals playing with them, treating them wrong .These animas are not games  or things you can just kill for fun the are lives ! You need to take care of our animals around you …not kill them and get ride of them .

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better world

I want to make a difference in this World . I walk everyday on the streets and i see plastic bags ,bottles ,trash ,pet waist ….and its gotten to a point where it sickens me. I want tell the world to stop littering  and make this place a better place not only for the animals but for us as well save our plants and forests… Save the world !

trash trash trash ...

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Disney Proposal

So I went to Disneyland and I saw a guy propose to his  girlfriend I thought that was so cute and yet I thought of the girl …I’m guessing every girl has  dreamed  of the right place where they want to say  “yes” to the man  they love but would you choose Disney as your dream place? Do you think that Disneyland “a fairy tale world” is a place for a proposal? or is it too kiddish and not the right place ?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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